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What is involved in foaling a mare?

Basic steps in preparing for a foal's birth:
Foaling Steps:
* Wrap tail
* Clean vaginal area with Ivory soap and water
* Wash hands thoroughly
After the water breaks the foal should be delivered in 20 minutes, if not call the veterinarian.

* Note the bag as it comes out of the mare. If it is red, open immediately and pull out the foal. If white, leave it alone.
* Note the position of the foal as it comes out, clear sack from head and clear nostrils.
* Do not cut umbilical cord - let the mare do it.
* Save the placenta in a bag for the veterinarian to examine.
* Give foal an enema after the cord has broken.
* Dip the navel in Nolvasan solution after the cord is broken.
After the foal is delivered:

* Foal should stand in 1 hour
* Foal should nurse in 2 hours
* Placenta should be passed in 2 hours. If not call veterinarian.
* Take the temperature of the mare and foal every morning for 1 week.

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